Women in business

Women in business: Chicken seed dissemination in Ethiopia and Tanzania

Project Description

The projects aims to develop, promote and test women-led chicken businesses in Ethiopia and Tanzania with the goal of promoting the economic empowerment of young women, and also of  improving the food and nutrition security of their households. 



Study of existing breed dissemination pathways; develop and test women-led business models to disseminate chicks to farmers in remote areas; engage in gender responsive and transformative approaches; assess impact on women’s empowerment and on nutrition.   

Expected impact

Women’s empowerment; improved livelihoods; improved nutrition.   

Impact activities  

  • Inception and final workshops 
  • Situation analysis 
  • Empowerment & nutrition: quant, qual studies 
  • Gender responsive & transformative activities 
  • Engagement of policy makers  
  • Nutrition behaviour communication campaign 
  • Capacity development of partners

Theory of change

The Netherlands – CGIAR research programme poster




Amos Omore

Amos Omore

ILRI regional representative, Eastern and Southern Africa

Alessandra Galiè

Alessandra Galiè

Team leader: Gender