Tadelle Dessie

Tadelle Dessie

Principal Scientist - Animal Genetics/Breeding

Tadelle Dessie is a principal scientist at ILRI and adjunct professor in Animal breeding and genetics at the Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia. He has more than 30 years of experience in the field with a long track record of research on poultry and livestock breeding and genetics. As a project leader/PI of DAGRIS, ACGG, AsCGG, and TPGS led the design and implementation of the projects. He joined ILRI in 2004, and he is currently a Principal Scientist and a member of the Global Livestock Genetics (LiveGene) program at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI). His publication and project management record demonstrates his ability to undertake, plan and manage multidisciplinary research in livestock genetics and breeding research and development. He is responsible for coordinating the design and implementation of project activities in collaboration with partners and project reporting.  He supervised and co-supervised more than 30 Ph.D. students. In consultation with partners, the PL is responsible for researching and providing alternative approaches. He is also responsible for designing and developing several chicken breeds in Africa, leading the sourcing of tropically adapted chicken lines, and developing material transfer agreements between owners of the chicken lines and ILRI. All the project team members from different geographies report to him.

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My Publications

Smallholder poultry production in the context of increasing global food prices: Roles in poverty reduction and food security

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Phenotypic characterisation of African chickens raised in semi-scavenging conditions

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Exploiting phenotypic plasticity in animal breeding

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Whole genome sequencing reveals genetic diversity and heatstress adaptation in Nigerian indigenous chickens

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  • Dessie, Tadelle
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In vitro antioxidant activities of plant polyphenol extracts and their combined effect with flaxseed on raw and cooked breast muscle fatty acid content, lipid health indices and oxidative stability in slow-growing Sasso chickens

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Genome-Wide Signature of Positive Selection in Ethiopian Indigenous and European Beef Cattle Breeds

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