Siboniso (Boni) Moyo

Siboniso (Boni) Moyo

Deputy Director General for research and development - Biosciences

Siboniso (Boni) Moyo is the deputy director general for research and development–Livestock Genetics and Feeds & Forages at ILRI. Previously, she was the ILRI director general’s representative in Ethiopia. Between 2014 and 2017, Moyo was the activity coordinator for ILRI’s Animal Science for Sustainable Productivity (ASSP) program. ASSP brought together teams working on animal feed, animal health and livestock systems with the aim of sustainably increasing livestock productivity. From 2006–2014, she was ILRI’s regional representative in southern Africa, with the responsibility of coordinating activities in the region. Prior to joining ILRI, between 2002 and 2005, Moyo was the national director for livestock production and development in Zimbabwe.

She is an animal scientist specialized in animal breeding and genetics, with over 35 years’ experience conducting livestock research and development activities in developing countries. Her fields of specialization include breed performance evaluation, smallholder livestock production systems, and livestock research and management.

My Projects

Integrating Crops and Livestock for Improved Food Security and Livelihoods in Zimbabwe (ZimCLIFS)

Integrating Crops and Livestock for Improved Food Security and Livelihoods in Zimbabwe (ZimCLIFS)

My Blog Posts

Shining a light on how CGIAR innovations are being adopted in Ethiopia

My Publications

Legume (Mucuna pruriens)-cereal products in livestock fattening rations: IPSR Innovation Profile

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Dairy industry development in Ethiopia: Current status, major challenges and potential interventions for improvement

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Feed Base-Ethiopia: Prototype database and decision-making tool for estimating supply and demand of livestock feed resources in Ethiopia

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FeedBase-Ethiopia: The role of database in developing livestock feed

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Row spacing of annual peanut (Arachis Hypogaea l.) and the conservation of peanut haulm as hay or silage: Effects on nutritive value and growth performance of sheep

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