Zelalem Terfa

Scientist, Gender Quantitative

Zelalem G. Terfa is Scientist - Gender Quantitative at ILRI. His research at ILRI is quantitative gender analysis in livestock focusing on women’s empowerment and animal health. He has research interest in the areas of interplay between women empowerment through livestock and nutritional outcomes. 


Zelalem has a wide range of research experience in the areas of Livestock Economics. Over the past few years, he expanded the breadth of his experience researching the interplay between women empowerment, energy poverty, nutrition, and health outcomes of infants. Recently, he worked with University of Florida as consultant economist where he was responsible for studying farmers’ preferences for improved forage technologies and economic analysis of growing forage. Prior to that, he was postdoctoral research associate at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in UK. Zelalem was graduate fellow at ILRI during his PhD and MSc studies. He holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Liverpool, MSc in Agricultural Economics and BSc in Economics from Harmaya University. 

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