Livestock, Livelihoods and Markets

The Livestock and Livelihoods (LILI) project (Livestock and Livelihoods: Improving market participation of small-scale livestock producers), implemented from 2007, aimed at improving market participation of smallholder goat and cattle keepers in semi-arid areas of Mozambique, Namibia and Zimbabwe.


The project objectives are to:

  • improve market participation of small-scale goat and cattle keepers in semi-arid regions of Mozambique, Namibia and Zimbabwe;
  • evaluate constraints to and opportunities for commercialization of smallholder production of goats and cattle;
  • test and evaluate alternative livestock marketing and input delivery systems;
  • assess the impact of market-led technology change on household incomes; and
  • establish an effective communication strategy to facilitate networking and exchange of information among sector stakeholders.