African Dairy Genetic Gains

The ADGG program will support a farmer-focused partnership that records and disseminates on-farm productivity and genetic information on dairy cattle in Tanzania and Ethiopia.  The data generated will be used by farmers to manage their herds and improve cow management, leading to sustained animal and herd productivity gains as well as more income for smallholder dairy farmers. It will provide dairy cattle genetic gains with the potential to transform the lives of millions of dairy families across Africa

The program will: A) Establish performance recording and sampling systems in Tanzania and Ethiopia; B) Use the information and samples to develop systems to select crossbred bulls and cows of superior genetic merit for Artificial Insemination and natural mating; C) Pilot farmer-feedback systems that assist farmers to improve their productivity. The goal is to have working systems based on public-private partnerships that have a clear route to long-term sustainability by the end of the five year period.