ILRI biorepository

Azizi – ILRI’s BiorepositoryILRI’s Biorepository is tasked to ensure the safe, secure and efficient collection and storage of biological material and related data. Samples currently held include semen, embryos, blood, serum, pathogens, tissues (lung, brain), arthropod vectors, cultured cells, primers, plasma, milk, DNA, RNA, swabs. The biorepository is known as Azizi. These materials come from a wide range of species and environments.
  • A platform for long term storage of materials.
  • A platform for proper labelling of samples from the field.
  • Support to projects in proper sample and data collection.
  • Retrieving of samples and data in the repository.
  • Source of liquid nitrogen to various projects.
Current activities
  • Digitization of old records in the Biorepository.
  • Sample audit of all samples in the repository, especially ‘ILRI’s Gold’ - samples used in Trypanosomiasis research dating back to the 1960’s.
  • Establishing a sample and data management committee to vet all sample and data requests.
  • Design and develop a sample and data requests platform.