Cesar Patino

Cesar Patino

Senior Scientist, Ruminant Nutrition

Jason Sircely

Jason Sircely

Ecosystem Ecologist

Samuel O. Oyola

Samuel O. Oyola

Senior Scientist: Molecular Biologist and Head of Genomics

Vish Nene

Vish Nene

ILRI Emeritus Fellow

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Bridging the gap in African biodiversity genomics and bioinformatics

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Evolution of fungal and non-fungal eukaryotic communities in response to thermophilic co-composting of various nitrogen-rich green feedstocks

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The soil microbiomes of forest ecosystems in Kenya: their diversity and environmental drivers

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A novel coronavirus and a broad range of viruses in Kenyan cave bats

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Multilateral benefit-sharing from digital sequence information will support both science and biodiversity conservation

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Rangelands Atlas

  • International Livestock Research Institute
  • International Union for Conservation of Nature
  • World Wide Fund for Nature
  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
  • United Nations Environment Programme
  • International Land Coalition