Research Project Coordinator

Samuel O. Oyola

Samuel O. Oyola

Senior Scientist: Molecular Biologist and Head of Genomics

Vish Nene

Vish Nene

ILRI Emeritus Fellow

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First National Poultry Development Strategy to enhance food and nutrition security in Ethiopia

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Jane Njaramba seeks to unravel antibiotic resistance and mycotoxins in chicken farming

Smallholder poultry farming in Kenya

New science

New study evaluates antimicrobial use by smallholder poultry farmers in Kajiado and Machakos counties in Kenya

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Knowledge and practices related to antibiotics among poultry producers and veterinarians in two Indian states

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Quantitative assessment of food safety interventions for Campylobacter spp. and Salmonella spp. along the chicken meat supply chain in Burkina Faso and Ethiopia

  • Ssemanda, J.N.
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Prevalence, molecular detection, and antimicrobial resistance of Salmonella isolates from poultry farms across central Ethiopia: A cross-sectional study in urban and peri-urban areas

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Understanding Vietnamese chicken farmers’ knowledge and practices related to antimicrobial resistance using an item response theory approach

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Promoting a chicken frying business model to enhance poultry product consumption in urban areas and create jobs for youth in Ethiopia

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ILRI publication cover

Morphometric differentiation of three chicken ecotypes of Ethiopia using multivariate analysis

  • Markos, S.
  • Belay, Berhanu
  • Dessie, Tadelle