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FarmUSE: Assessment of antimicrobial use in poultry farms

  • Muloi, Dishon M.
  • Ibayi, Eugine L.
  • Murphy, M.
  • Njaramba, Jane
  • Nielsen, S.S.
  • Hoffmann, Vivian
  • Moodley, Arshnee

Antimicrobial use and antimicrobial resistance in Escherichia coli in semi-intensive and free-range poultry farms in Uganda

  • Mbatidde, Irene
  • Ndoboli, Dickson
  • Ayebare, Dreck
  • Muloi, Dishon
  • Roesel, Kristina
  • Ochieng, Linnet
  • Dione, Michel M.
  • Tenhagen, B.-A.
  • Biryomumaisho, S.
  • Wampande, E.
  • Wieland, Barbara
  • Olsen, J.E.
  • Moodley, Arshnee

Knowledge and practices related to antibiotics among poultry producers and veterinarians in two Indian states

  • Sharma, Garima
  • Dey, Tushar
  • Hazarika, R.A.
  • Shome, B.R.
  • Shome, R.
  • Singh, V.P.
  • Deka, Ram P.
  • Grace, Delia
  • Lindahl, Johanna F.

Theory of change for the chicken value chain in Tanzania, developed for the CGIAR Initiative Sustainable Animal Productivity for Livelihoods, Nutrition and Gender Inclusion

  • Omore, Amos O.
  • Yitayih, Mulugeta
  • Dessie, Tadelle
  • Esatu, Wondmeneh
  • Getachew, Fasil
  • Geremew, Kumlachew
  • Yemane, Tsion
  • Rao, E.J.O.
  • Marshall, Karen
  • Jeremiah, Adolf
  • Achandi, Esther L.
  • Rekik, Mourad
  • Baltenweck, Isabelle

Quantitative assessment of food safety interventions for Campylobacter spp. and Salmonella spp. along the chicken meat supply chain in Burkina Faso and Ethiopia

  • Ssemanda, J.N.
  • Besten, H.M.W. den
  • Wagenberg, C.P.A. van
  • Zwietering, M.H.

Prevalence, molecular detection, and antimicrobial resistance of Salmonella isolates from poultry farms across central Ethiopia: A cross-sectional study in urban and peri-urban areas

  • Waktole, H.
  • Ayele, Y.
  • Ayalkibet, Y.
  • Teshome, T.
  • Muluneh, T.
  • Ayane, S.
  • Borena, B.M.
  • Abayneh, T.
  • Deresse, G.
  • Asefa, Z.
  • Eguale, T.
  • Amenu, Kebede
  • Ashenafi, H.
  • Antonissen, G.

Understanding Vietnamese chicken farmers’ knowledge and practices related to antimicrobial resistance using an item response theory approach

  • Nohrborg, S.
  • Thinh Nguyen-Thi
  • Huyen Nguyen Xuan
  • Lindahl, Johanna F.
  • Boqvist, S.
  • Järhult, J.D.
  • Magnusson, U.

Promoting a chicken frying business model to enhance poultry product consumption in urban areas and create jobs for youth in Ethiopia

  • Kumlachew, Geremew
  • Mekonnen, Girma
  • Tsion, Yemane
  • Mulugeta, Yitayih
  • Fasil, Getachew
  • Tadelle, Dessie
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Morphometric differentiation of three chicken ecotypes of Ethiopia using multivariate analysis

  • Markos, S.
  • Belay, Berhanu
  • Dessie, Tadelle