Anna Lacasta

Anna Lacasta

Senior scientist, Animal and Human Health

Edward Okoth

Edward Okoth

Senior Scientist - Epidemiologist

Ekta Patel

Ekta Patel

Scientist & One Health Communications Coordinator

Elizabeth (Annie) Cook

Elizabeth (Annie) Cook

Senior Scientist - Epidemiology

Eric Fevre

Eric Fevre

Professor of Veterinary Infectious Diseases, Institute of Infection and Global Health, University of Liverpool and Jointly Appointed Principal Scientist, ILRI

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Integrating digital innovation in wildlife conservation at ILRI's Kapiti Research Station

Credit: ILRI/ Stevie Mann


ILRI’s contributions to wildlife research spotlighted at the WRTI’s inaugural Wildlife Scientific Conference

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The impact of climate change on health and livelihoods of farming communities in Africa: A complex and integrated challenge

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Unveiling Nature's Minuscule Wonders: With keen eyes and unwavering curiosity, this group of three showcases the incredible diversity of insects thriving within the enchanting Kapiti Plains.

Taking stock of wildlife populations at Kapiti Wildlife Conservancy

A civet is kept on farm in Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam for consumption

ILRI scientists and research collaborators use a One Health approach to study zoonotic disease risks in wildlife farming in Vietnam

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Improving human health through One Health management of food safety, zoonoses and antimicrobial resistance

  • Sinh Dang-Xuan
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  • Thang Nguyen-Tien
  • Ha Nguyen Thanh
  • Trang Huyen Le
  • Hung Nguyen-Viet

Epidemiological connectivity between humans and animals across an urban landscape

  • Hassell, James M.
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  • Kariuki, S.
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Molecular detection of Cryptosporidium species in wildlife and humans at the wildlife-human interface around Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda

  • Mugasa, C.M.
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Population genomic analysis provides evidence of the past success and future potential of South China tiger captive conservation

  • Chen Wang
  • Dong Dong Wu
  • Yao Hua Yuan
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  • Ya Jiang Wu
  • Fen Shan
  • Wan Ping Li
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  • Mian Huang
  • Shi Ming Peng
  • Qin Hui Cai
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  • Qun Xiu Liu
  • Zhao Yang Liu
  • Lin Xiang Li
  • Ming Sheng Teng
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  • Wu Chen
  • Xiao Long Tu

Assessing disease risk perceptions of wild meat in savanna borderland settlements in Kenya and Tanzania

  • Patel, Ekta
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SARS-CoV-2 infection in a hippopotamus, Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Vuong Nghia Bui
  • Tung Duy Dao
  • Long Hoang Tran
  • Thanh Thi Vu
  • Trang Huyen Nguyen
  • Giang Hoang Nguyen
  • Kien Viet Dung Tran
  • Huyen Xuan Nguyen
  • Anh Ngoc Bui
  • Unger, Fred
  • Hung Nguyen-Viet
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