Eric Fevre

Eric Fevre

Eric Fevre is a joint appointee at ILRI and Professor of Veterinary Infectious Diseases at the Institute of Infection and Global Health (IGH), University of Liverpool.  He manages several field-orientated projects where he leads the research activity on neglected zoonoses on behalf of the CGIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health.  He leads a ~25-strong team of epidemiologists, biologists, veterinarians and medical practitioners interested in the biology and control of (re-)emerging diseases, particularly zoonoses, with a focus on understanding the factors involved in emergence, risk, transmission, persistence, spread, and disease burden of pathogens in both human and animal populations.  His team also has a strong interest in understanding the influence of the physical environment on pathogen transmission, and they conduct field studies to acquire a wider understanding of pathogen epidemiology, using this information to inform policy on optimal and cost-effective methods of disease control.

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