Research Project Coordinator

Samuel O. Oyola

Samuel O. Oyola

Senior Scientist: Molecular Biologist and Head of Genomics

Vish Nene

Vish Nene

Co-leader Animal and Human Health program

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Gender-responsive design of bacteriophage products to enhance adoption by chicken keepers in Kenya

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Poultry Losses and One Health (POLOH): Reducing losses and zoonotic risks along the poultry value chain through a One Health approach—Site multi-stakeholder workshop, Kaya, Burkina Faso

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Drivers of antibiotic use in semi-intensive poultry farms: Evidence from a survey in Senegal

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Smallholder poultry production in the context of increasing global food prices: Roles in poverty reduction and food security

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Whole genome sequencing reveals genetic diversity and heatstress adaptation in Nigerian indigenous chickens

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Phenotypic characterisation of African chickens raised in semi-scavenging conditions

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