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Apiculture is one of the new ventures introduced by the Livestock and Irrigation Value chains for the Ethiopian Smallholders (LIVES) project in South Wollo, Amhara Region. Continue reading →
LIVES, Feb/2017
This literature review employs a community capital’s framework to provide a holistic perspective of the stock and interaction between the capitals required by men and women farmers for effective engagement in agricultural intensification. The review was was validated by male and female farmers in four regions of Ethiopia. Continue reading →
Africa RISING, Feb/2017
Using the Community Capitals Framework, this article explores the factors enhancing or constraining women’s access to, and control over, the resources required to participate in, and benefit from, small ruminant value chain activities. Continue reading →
Livestock and Fish, Feb/2017
“Niji Foods, with the International Livestock Research Institute, with USAID support, is establishing three cassava peel processing centers to address this market gap. Continue reading →
ILRI clippings, Feb/2017
A recently published research report highlights that in order to appropriately address gender and socially inclusive development in the Kenyan dairy sector, any intervention must take into consideration the substantive cultural gender issues that are at play at both the household and producer organization levels. Continue reading →
ILRI Livelihoods, Gender and Impact, Jan/2017
This study report provides interesting insights into the gender implications of Africa RISING’s agricultural intensification practices in target communities in northern Ghana. Continue reading →
Africa RISING, Jan/2017
This brief focuses on gender relations in fish farming and value chains in Bangladesh, i.e. the roles women and men play in diverse aquaculture production systems and other value chain nodes, their relative access to and control over resources, intra-household decision-making, and social and gender norms and attitudes. Continue reading →
Livestock and Fish, Jan/2017
Articles featured in a special edition of the journal of Gender, Technology and Development demonstrate that providing women with engagement opportunities and adaptation resources will greatly reduce the variance in agricultural productivity between men and women, which currently range from four to 25 percent globally. Continue reading →
ILRI Livelihoods, Gender and Impact, Dec/2016
Vaccinating cattle in Kenya against East Coast fever sends more girls to school Continue reading →
ILRI clippings, Dec/2016
At last week’s National Food and Nutrition Symposium held at the Kenya School of Government, Jennifer Adere, a Nutrition Specialist at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) presented a background study that sought to understand the pathways through which livestock influence women’s empowerment and maternal and child nutrition. Continue reading →
ILRI Livelihoods, Gender and Impact, Nov/2016