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This poster, produced for the Tropentag 2016 conference, shares findings from an evaluation of the impacts of intra-household gender influences on breed choice, productivity and the adoption of breeding technologies in central Nicaragua. Continue reading →
Livestock and Fish, Sep/2016
Originally posted on THE GFAR BLOG: How can women achieve equality if there remains a gap in the data available for policy and investment decisions?  The Gender in Agriculture Partnership (GAP) has the pleasure to invite you to a webinar:  Closing the gender data gap for agricultural policy and investment Date: 4 October 2016 Time: 15.30…
ILRI Livelihoods, Gender and Impact, Sep/2016
On 3-7 August 2016, the Asian Fisheries Society in collaboration with 11th Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum (11th AFAF) organized the 6th Global Symposium on Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries (GAF6) in Bangkok, Thailand. The livestock and fish program sponsored two presentations to this year’s symposium. Continue reading →
Livestock and Fish, Sep/2016
From 15 -19 June 2016, a result dissemination workshop was held in Ethiopia to share findings of studies which used participatory tools and household surveys to understand disease constraints and gender roles in small ruminant management. Continue reading →
Livestock and Fish, Aug/2016
Guèye (2000) writes that 85% of rural households in sub-Saharan Africa keep chickens or other types of poultry. This is a huge proportion of these populations, but what is the value of smallholder chicken production, socially and economically? Continue reading →
African Chicken Genetic Gains, Aug/2016
Research has highlighted the crucial importance of the contribution of women to agricultural value chain development and governance in Ethiopia, according to scientists from the LIVES project. Continue reading →
LIVES, Aug/2016
Helping productivity through gender equality. Just one of the eleven positive outcomes which can arise through the establishment of a more equal society. Continue reading →
ILRI Livelihoods, Gender and Impact, Aug/2016
Lomi Kordofa is a small-scale farmer at the Illu Aga peasant association in Ejere District of West Shoa Zone in Ethiopia. Ten years ago, she started keeping dairy cows with training support from a local non-governmental organization. Continue reading →
LIVES, Aug/2016
The ACGG program aims to leverage existing research and to implement new and innovative approaches for improving smallholder chicken productivity in Africa. Continue reading →
African Chicken Genetic Gains, Aug/2016
I was impressed by how much India’s women food producers make the most out of their situations, how often they thrive in what they do despite constraints, how few view themselves as victims of their circumstances, how often, and with what assurance and purposefulness, they exercise agency. Continue reading →
ILRI news blog, Aug/2016