Joseph Karugia

Joseph Karugia is the coordinator of the Regional Strategic Analysis and Knowledge Support System for Eastern and Central Africa (ReSAKSS-ECA). ReSAKSS is an information and knowledge management initiative with the objective of providing data, information and knowledge to stakeholders in order to improve the formulation, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of agricultural and rural development strategies in Africa. Regional nodes have been established to provide such support to the Regional Economic Communities. ReSAKSS-ECA supports the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa. Prior to joining ILRI, Joseph was research manager at the African Economic Research Consortium, an economics research institution with a mandate of building capacity in policy-oriented economic research in sub–Saharan Africa. He has also been a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of Nairobi.  AREAS OF EXPERTISE ::  Agricultural economics ::  Policy analysis  RESEARCH INTERESTS::  Rural and agricultural development ::  Technology transfer ::  Marketing ::  Agricultural policy  CURRENT RESEARCH PROJECTS::  Response to rising food prices in eastern and southern Africa ::  Impact of non-tariff barriers to trade in East African Community ::  The millennium development goals and the African food crisis  SELECTED PUBLICATIONS “Political Economy and Economic Development in Africa: An Overview,” (with Olu Ajakaiye, and Allan Drazen). Journal of African Economies, Volume 17, Supplement 1. 2008 “Does the Use of Draft Animal Power Increase Economic Efficiency of Smallholder Farms in Kenya?” (with Paul M. Guthiga and R.A. Nyikal). Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems. December 2007 “Gender Differentiation in the Analysis of Alternative Farm Mechanization Choices on Small Farms in Kenya,” (with Juliet Wanjiku, John U. Manyengo, and W. Oluoch-Kosura). In Basudeb Guha-Khasnobis, Shabd S. Acharya and Benjamin Davis (Eds), Food Insecurity, Vulnerability and Human Rights Failure. Palgrave Macmillan, Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire, U.K. November, 2007 “Information And Communication Technologies And Agricultural Development In Sub-Saharan Africa: Transformation And Employment Generation,” (with Julian May and Mimi Ndokweni). Final Framework Paper, African Economic Research Consortium. May 2007 “Supporting Africa’s Resurgence and Migration and Economic Development in Africa: An Overview,” (with Olu Ajakaiye and Robert E. Lucas). Journal of African Economies, Volume 15 Supplement 2. 2006 “Why the Early Promise for Rapid Increases in Maize Productivity in Kenya was not Sustained: Lessons for Sustainable Investment in Agriculture,” (with Willis Oluoch-Kosura). In G. Djurfeldt, H. Holmén, M. Jirström and R. Larsson (Eds), The African Food Crisis: Lessons from the Asian Green Revolution CABI Publishing, Wallingford, UK. 2005