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Enhancing coordination and collaboration across CGIAR centers in Kenya

  • Kimani, Judy
  • Karugia, Joseph T.
  • Kirui, Leonard
  • Place, Frank

Gender-responsive design of bacteriophage products to enhance adoption by chicken keepers in Kenya

  • Campbell, Zoë A.
  • Njiru, Nelly
  • Mhone, Amos L.
  • Makumi, Angela
  • Moineau, S.
  • Svitek, Nicholas

Shifting climate zones and expanding tropical and arid climate regions across Kenya (1980–2020)

  • Lawrence, T.J.
  • Vilbig, J.M.
  • Kangogo, G.
  • Fèvre, Eric M.
  • Deem, S.L.
  • Gluecks, Ilona
  • Sagan, V.
  • Shacham, E.

Poverty dynamics and the determining factors among East African smallholder farmers

  • Hammond, James
  • Pagella, Tim
  • Caulfield, Mark
  • Fraval, Simon
  • Teufel, Nils
  • Wichern, J.
  • Kihoro, Esther
  • Herrero, Mario T.
  • Rosenstock, Todd S.
  • Wijk, Mark T. van

How perspectives on food safety of vendors and consumers translate into food choice behaviors in six African and Asian countries

  • Isanovic, S.
  • Constantinides, S.V.
  • Frongillo, E.A.
  • Bhandari, S.
  • Samin, S.
  • Kenney, E.
  • Wertheim-Heck, S.
  • Nordhagen, S.
  • Holdsworth, M.
  • Domínguez-Salas, Paula
  • Ambikapathi, R.
  • Laar, A.
  • Patil, C.L.
  • Kulkarni, B.
  • Bukachi, S.A.
  • Ngutu, M.
  • Blake, C.E.

Assessing disease risk perceptions of wild meat in savanna borderland settlements in Kenya and Tanzania

  • Patel, Ekta H.
  • Martin, A.
  • Funk, S.M.
  • Yongo, M.
  • Floros, C.
  • Thomson, J.
  • Fa, J.E.
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Food System in Nandi County. A situational and stakeholder focused analysis on low emission food system development

  • Jalang’o Anyango, Dorcas
  • Habermann, Birgit
  • Korir, Daniel

Impacts of land cover and management change on top-of-canopy and below-canopy temperatures in Southeastern Kenya

  • Abera, T.
  • Heiskanen, J.
  • Maeda, E.
  • Odongo, Vincent O.
  • Pellikka, P.

Adapting to climate change among transitioning Maasai pastoralists in southern Kenya: An intersectional analysis of differentiated abilities to benefit from diversification processes

  • Marty, Edwige
  • Bullock, Renee M.
  • Cashmore, Matthew
  • Crane, Todd A.
  • Eriksen, Siri H.