Toward structural change: Gender transformative approaches


McDougall, Cynthia; Badstue, Lone Bech; Mulema, Annet Abenakyo; Fischer, Gundula; Najjar, Dina; Pyburn, Rhiannon; Elias, Marlène; Joshi, Deepa; and Vos, Andrea. 2021. Toward structural change: Gender transformative approaches. IN Advancing gender equality through agricultural and environmental research: Past, present, and future, eds. Rhiannon Pyburn, and Anouka van Eerdewijk. Washington, DC: International Food Policy Research Institute: 365-401.


  • McDougall, Cynthia
  • Badstue, Lone B.
  • Mulema, Annet A.
  • Fischer, Gundula
  • Najjar, Dina
  • Pyburn, Rhiannon
  • Elias, Marlène
  • Joshi, Deepa
  • Vos, Andrea