Edward Okoth

Edward Okoth

Senior Scientist - Epidemiologist

Vish Nene

Vish Nene

ILRI Emeritus Fellow

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Assessment of effectiveness of a foot-and-mouth disease vaccine in cattle in Ethiopia

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Spatio-temporal patterns and risk factors of foot-and-mouth disease in Malawi between 1957 and 2019

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Outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease in Burundi, East Africa, in 2016, caused by different serotypes

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Crossing the line: Seroprevalence and risk factors for transboundary animal diseases along the Tanzania-Zambia border

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Age-dependent immune response in pigs against foot-and-mouth disease virus in vitro

  • Jae-Hee Roh
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  • Duy Tung Dao
  • Vu Thi Thanh
  • Hoang Thi Thuy
  • Kyoung-Min So
  • Seung-Won Yi
  • Eunju Kim
  • Tai-Young Hur
  • Sang-Ik Oh
ILRI publication cover

Participatory and quantitative systems modelling approach to animal health economics

  • Dizyee, Kanar