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Silage making: Polythene bags and plastic drums method

  • Lukuyu, Ben A.
  • Gichuki, Leah

Evaluation of in situ and ex situ forage germplasm collections reveals the first detection of Alfalfa Mosaic Virus (AMV) and Southern Bean Mosaic Virus (SBMV) in Urochloa spp.

  • Dawit, Woubit
  • Mulatu, Fikerte
  • Eshete, Yesuf
  • Teressa, Alemayehu
  • Muchugi, Alice
  • Jones, Christopher S.

የትሪ ሉሰርን ዛፍ አያያዝና አጠቃቀም

  • International Livestock Research Institute
ILRI publication cover

An alfalfa MYB‐like transcriptional factor MsMYBH positively regulates alfalfa seedling drought resistance and undergoes MsWAV3‐mediated degradation

  • Kun Shi
  • Jia Liu
  • Huan Liang
  • Hongbin Dong
  • Jinli Zhang
  • Yuanhong Wei
  • Le Zhou
  • Shaopeng Wang
  • Jiahao Zhu
  • Mingshu Cao
  • Jones, Christopher S.
  • Dongmei Ma
  • Zan Wang
ILRI publication cover

The effect of cutting regime and genotype on growth, seed yield, seed quality and herbage yield of seven <em>Urochloa</em> (<em>syn. Brachiaria</em>) grass genotypes in the Adamawa region of Cameroon

  • Ojong, N.
  • Takor, M.
  • Egbe, A.
  • Bechem, E.
  • Etchu, K.
  • Mutai Collins, K.
ILRI publication cover

A population genomics approach to unlock the genetic potential of lablab (Lablab purpureus), an underutilized tropical forage crop

  • Teshome, Abel
  • Habte, Ermias
  • Cheema J.
  • Mekasha, A.
  • Lire, H.
  • Muktar, Meki S.
  • Quiroz-Chavez, J.
  • Domoney, C.
  • Jones, Christopher S.