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Choice heuristics and livestock farmers' preference heterogeneity for Rift Valley fever vaccines in Uganda

  • Asindu, Marsy
  • Abdulai, A.
  • Bett, Bernard K.
  • Roesel, Kristina
  • Ouma, Emily A.

Understanding veterinary drug shop workers' knowledge and practices to identify drivers of antibiotic use in Vietnamese livestock farms

  • Nohrborg, S.
  • Thinh Nguyen-Thi
  • Huyen Nguyen Xuan
  • Yen Luu Thi Hai
  • Lindahl, Johanna F.
  • Boqvist, S.
  • Järhult, J.D.
  • Magnusson, Ulf

Theory of change for the dairy value chain in Uganda, developed for the CGIAR Initiative Sustainable Animal Productivity for Livelihoods, Nutrition and Gender Inclusion

  • Ouma, Emily A.
  • Gebreyohanes, Gebregziabher
  • Okeyo Mwai, Ally
  • Marshall, Karen
  • Lukuyu, Ben A.
  • Mukasa, C.
  • Oba, Peter
  • Dione, Michel M.
  • Businge, Martha
  • Namatovu, Jane
  • Notenbaert, An Maria Omer
  • Hoek, Rein van der
  • Rekik, Mourad
  • Baltenweck, Isabelle

Scaling with households: socially inclusive locally led scaling of climate adaptation practices in dairy systems of Kenya

  • DuttaGupta, Tanaya

  • Bullock, Renee
  • Habermann, Birgit
  • Gichuki, Leah
  • Kiptoo, Emmaculate

Animal-source foods: Their role in sustainable healthy diets

  • Leroy, Jef L.
  • Alonso, Silvia

Harmonized digital national recording platforms and eco-systems: The critical steps for supporting and enhancing farm animal characterization, genetic improvement, conservation programs, and related capacity building activities in Africa

  • Okeyo Mwai, Ally

Conservation, management and development of African local animal genetic resources

  • Tiambo, Christian K.

Enhancing livestock improvement and conservation in Africa through genetic evaluation and genomic selection enabled by systematic routine digital data collection

  • Ekine-Dzivenu, Chinyere C.
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The role of heterogenous implementation on the uptake and long-term diffusion of agricultural insurance in a pastoral context

  • Jensen, Nathaniel D.
  • Teufel, Nils
  • Banerjee, Rupsha R.
  • Galgallo, Diba
  • Shikuku, Kelvin Mashisia