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Ovine gastrointestinal parasite burden and the impact of strategic anthelmintic treatment strategy in community-based breeding sites in Ethiopia

  • Molla, W.
  • Moliso, Mesfin M.
  • Gizaw, Solomon
  • Nane, T.
  • Arke, A.
  • Ayele, F.
  • Knight-Jones, Theodore J.D.

Reproductive performance and productivity of local and Dorper x local crossbred ewes under community-based management system, Ethiopia

  • Abebe, A.
  • Berhane, G.
  • Getachew, T.
  • Gizaw, Solomon
  • Haile, Aynalem

Capacitating One Health in Eastern and Southern Africa: An overview

  • Knight-Jones, Theodore J.D.

Molecular epidemiology and diversity of SARS-CoV-2 in Ethiopia, 2020–2022

  • Sisay, A.
  • Tshiabuila, D.
  • Wyk, S. van
  • Tesfaye, A.
  • Mboowa, G.
  • Oyola, Samuel O.
  • Tesema, S.K.
  • Baxter, C.
  • Martin, D.
  • Lessells, R.
  • Tegally, H.
  • Moir, M.
  • Giandhari, J.
  • Pillay, S.
  • Singh, L.
  • Ramphal, Y.
  • Maharaj, A.
  • Pillay, Y.
  • Naidoo, Y.
  • Ramphal, U.
  • Chabuka, L.
  • Wilkinson, E.
  • Oliveira, T. de
  • Desta, A.F.
  • San, J.E.

Privatization of public veterinary clinics in a public–private partnership arrangement

  • Gizaw, Solomon
  • Berhanu, Dagim
  • Knight-Jones, Theodore J.D.

Assessment of food safety knowledge, attitudes, and practices among meat handlers in Bishoftu City, Ethiopia

  • Abunna, F.
  • Kaba, M.
  • Mor, Siobhan
  • Megersa, B.

Livestock producers' knowledge, attitude, and behavior (KAB) regarding antimicrobial use in Ethiopia

  • Tufa, T.B.
  • Regassa, F.
  • Amenu, Kebede
  • Stegeman, J.A.
  • Hogeveen, H.

Training manual on entrepreneurship and canvas business plan development

  • Galiè, Alessandra
  • Abdela, Adera
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Innovation Lab for Small Scale Irrigation (ILSSI) knowledge sharing workshop in Ethiopia

  • Bezabih, Melkamu