Publications Archive

Training manual on entrepreneurship and canvas business plan development

  • Galiè, Alessandra
  • Abdela, Adera

International Livestock Research Institute: Our work, what I do, opportunities

  • Knight-Jones, Theodore J.D.

Capacitating One Health in Eastern and Southern Africa: An overview

  • Knight-Jones, Theodore J.D.

Role of the interaction space in shaping innovation for sustainable agriculture: Empirical insights from African case studies

  • Hermans, T.D.G.
  • Smith, H.E.
  • Whitfield, S.
  • Sallu, S.M.
  • Recha, John W.M.
  • Dougill, Andrew J.
  • Thierfelder, Christian
  • Gama, M.
  • Bunderson, W.T.
  • Museka, R.
  • Doggart, N.
  • Meshack, C.

A scoping review of zoonotic parasites and pathogens associated with abattoirs in Eastern Africa and recommendations for abattoirs as disease surveillance sites

  • Rodarte, K.A.
  • Fair, J.M.
  • Bett, Bernard K.
  • Kerfua, S.D.
  • Fasina, F.O.
  • Bartlow, A.W.

What is One Health and why is it important?

  • Knight-Jones, Theodore J.D.

Assessing disease risk perceptions of wild meat in savanna borderland settlements in Kenya and Tanzania

  • Patel, Ekta
  • Martin, A.
  • Funk, S.M.
  • Yongo, M.
  • Floros, C.
  • Thomson, J.
  • Fa, J.E.

Poultry health constraints in smallholder village poultry systems in Northern Ghana and Central Tanzania

  • Ouma, Emily A.
  • Kankya, C.
  • Dione, Michel M.
  • Kelly, T.
  • Enahoro, Dolapo K.
  • Chiwanga, G.
  • Abukari, Y.
  • Msoffe, P.
  • Kayang, B.B.
  • Zhou, H.

How perspectives on food safety of vendors and consumers translate into food choice behaviors in six African and Asian countries

  • Isanovic, S.
  • Constantinides, S.V.
  • Frongillo, Edward A.
  • Bhandari, S.
  • Samin, S.
  • Kenney, E.
  • Wertheim-Heck, S.
  • Nordhagen, S.
  • Holdsworth, M.
  • Domínguez-Salas, Paula
  • Ambikapathi, R.
  • Laar, A.
  • Patil, C.L.
  • Kulkarni, B.
  • Bukachi, S.A.
  • Ngutu, M.
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