Website and APP development

ILRI Herd Manager

This app was created to support a herd health research project within which it was important to have a tools that could easily capture details of animal health, productivity and movements. The project has the title HEARD (also the name of the app) and is led in Ethiopia by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI). The app was commissioned by ILRI as part of this project but a condition of their support was that the app should be made available on an open source (GNU GLP license) basis. This fits well with the ethos for the broader D3F project within which the app is situated as a key objective of that project is to provide open source tools to improve animal disease diagnosis and reporting in resource limited areas.

Dairy animal catalogue

This animal catalogue is a key output meant to showcase top-ranked bulls and cows that would be used in future genetic improvement to improve farmers animals.


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