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Modeling farmers’ preference and willingness to pay for improved climate services in Rwanda

  • Tesfaye, Abonesh
  • Hansen, James
  • Kagabo, Desire
  • Birachi, Eliud Abucheli
  • Radeny, Maren A.O.
  • Solomon, Dawit

Improving fertilizer response of crop yield through liming and targeting to landscape positions in tropical agricultural soils

  • Agegnehu, Getachew
  • Amede, Tilahun
  • Desta, Gizaw
  • Erkossa, Teklu
  • Legesse, Gizachew
  • Gashaw, Tadesse
  • Van Rooyen, Andre
  • Harawa, Rebbie
  • Degefu, Tulu
  • Mekonnen, Kindu
  • Schulz, Steffen

Role of the interaction space in shaping innovation for sustainable agriculture: Empirical insights from African case studies

  • Hermans, T.D.G.
  • Smith, H.E.
  • Whitfield, S.
  • Sallu, S.M.
  • Recha, John W.M.
  • Dougill, Andrew J.
  • Thierfelder, Christian
  • Gama, M.
  • Bunderson, W.T.
  • Museka, R.
  • Doggart, N.
  • Meshack, C.

Food System in Nandi County. A situational and stakeholder focused analysis on low emission food system development

  • Jalang’o Anyango, Dorcas
  • Habermann, Birgit
  • Korir, Daniel
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Community conversations in participatory rangeland management in Baringo County, Kenya

  • Bullock, Renee
  • Miriti, Philip

Do government knowledge production and use systems matter for global climate change adaptation tracking? Insights from Eastern Africa

  • Njuguna, Lucy
  • Biesbroek, R
  • Crane, Todd A.
  • Dewulf, Art
  • Tamas, P.

Adapting to climate change among transitioning Maasai pastoralists in southern Kenya: An intersectional analysis of differentiated abilities to benefit from diversification processes

  • Marty, Edwige
  • Bullock, Renee
  • Cashmore, Matthew
  • Crane, Todd A.
  • Eriksen, Siri H.

Impacts of land cover and management change on top-of-canopy and below-canopy temperatures in Southeastern Kenya

  • Abera, T.
  • Heiskanen, J.
  • Maeda, E.
  • Odongo, Vincent O.
  • Pellikka, P.

Scaling climate resilient seed systems through SMEs in Eastern and Southern Africa: challenges and opportunities

  • Shilomboleni, Helena
  • Recha, John W.M.
  • Radeny, Maren A.O.
  • Osumba, Joab J.L.