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Research for development approaches in mixed crop-livestock systems of the Ethiopian highlands

  • Mekonnen, Kindu
  • Thorne, Peter J.
  • Gebreyes, Million
  • Hammond, James
  • Bezabih, Melkamu
  • Kemal, Seid
  • Tamene, Lulseged D.
  • Agegnehu, Getachew
  • Yahaya, Rabe
  • Gebrekirstos, Aster
  • Minh Thai
  • Sharma, Kalpana
  • Adie, Aberra
  • Whitbread, Anthony M.

Extension manual on creating multifunctional climate smart landscapes for district experts and extension agents

  • Adimassu, Zenebe
  • Temene, Lulseged
  • Tibebe, Degefie
  • Abera, Wuletawu
  • Mekonnen, Kindu
  • Gebreyes, Million
  • Zerfu, Elias

Impacts of land cover and management change on top-of-canopy and below-canopy temperatures in Southeastern Kenya

  • Abera, T.
  • Heiskanen, J.
  • Maeda, E.
  • Odongo, Vincent O.
  • Pellikka, P.

Report on Planning and Inception Meeting of the One CGIAR Initiative on Sustainable Intensification of Mixed Farming Systems, 31 May – 2 June 2022, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • Benitez, J.L.U.
  • Seifu, Haimanot
  • Karaimu, Paul
  • Odhong, Jonathan

Multistakeholder platforms for natural resource governance: Lessons from eight landscape-level cases

  • Ratner, B.D.
  • Larson, A.M.
  • Sarmiento Barletti, J.
  • ElDidi, Hagar
  • Catacutan, D.
  • Flintan, Fiona E.
  • Suhardiman, D.
  • Falk, Thomas
  • Meinzen-Dick, Ruth Suseela

Livestock water and land productivity in Kenya and their implications for future resource use

  • Bosire, Caroline K.
  • Mtimet, Nadhem
  • Enahoro, Dolapo K.
  • Ogutu, Joseph O.
  • Krol, M.S.
  • Leeuw, Jan de
  • Ndiwa, Nicholas N.
  • Hoekstra, A.

Measuring vegetation characteristics in rangelands more accurately through the VegMeasure® tool

  • Evans, Monica
  • Louhaichi, Mounir
  • Hassan, S.

Losing livestock, losing land, losing face: Pastoralist women and change in Gujarat, India

  • International Livestock Research Institute

Qualitative outcome study: The contribution of the CGIAR Research Program on Livestock to land use planning processes in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania

  • Sulle, E.