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Adoption of pig and cattle artificial insemination by smallholder livestock keepers in Northwest Vietnam

  • Marshall, Karen
  • Huyen Le Thi

Farmer adoption of the Africa Asia Dairy Genetic Gains (AADGG) platform in Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Nepal

  • Okeyo Mwai, Ally
  • Gebregziabher, Gebreyohanes
  • Ojango, Julie M.K.
  • Ekine-Dzivenu, Chinyere C.
  • Raphael, Mrode
ILRI publication cover

Morphometric differentiation of three chicken ecotypes of Ethiopia using multivariate analysis

  • Markos, S.
  • Belay, Berhanu
  • Dessie, Tadelle

Training curriculum to underpin the development of training courses for chicken value chain actors

  • Yami, A.
  • Esatu, Wondmeneh
  • Rege, Ed
  • Hoa Hoang
  • Ngo Thi Kim Cuc
  • Sothyra Tum
  • Chhay Ty
  • Dessie, Tadelle
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Exploring genetic diversity and variation of Ovar-DRB1 gene in Sudan Desert Sheep using targeted next-generation sequencing

  • Salim, B.
  • Nakao, R.
  • Chatanga, E.
  • Marcuzzi, O.
  • Eissawi, M.A.
  • Almathen, A.
  • Hanotte, Olivier H.
  • Giovambattista, G.

Breeding objectives for Central Highland goats using participatory and bio-economic modelling approaches

  • Tesema, Z.
  • Deribe, B.
  • Shenkute, A.
  • Gobeze, M.
  • Kefale, A.
  • Gizaw, Solomon

Enhancing technical capacity on smallholder poultry development: Guidelines for developing a capacity development roadmap in SAPLING and other Tropical Poultry Genetics Solution (TPGS) countries

  • Yitayih, Mulugeta
  • Getachew, Fasil
  • Dessie, Tadelle

The second round of genomic evaluation of dairy animals from Makitosha Farm, Kenya

  • Ekine-Dzivenu, Chinyere C.
  • Mrode, Raphael A.
  • Okeyo Mwai, Ally
  • Ojango, Julie M.K.
  • Gebreyohanes, Gebregziabher
  • Dooso, Richard
  • Kirui, Peter
  • Sila, Winfred
  • Reda, S.
  • Yusuf, Jabes

Theory of change for the chicken value chain in Kenya developed for the CGIAR Initiative on Sustainable Animal Productivity for Livelihoods, Nutrition and Gender Inclusion

  • Yitayih, Mulugeta
  • Poole, Elizabeth J.
  • Ouko, Edward
  • Esatu, Wondmeneh
  • Getachew, Fasil
  • Geremew, Kumlachew
  • Girma, Mekonnen
  • Yemane, Tsion
  • Ochieng, Laurence
  • Marshall, Karen
  • Dessie, Tadelle