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Occurrence, antimicrobial susceptibility, and resistance genes of Staphylococcus aureus in milk and milk products in the Arsi highlands of Ethiopia

  • Deddefo, A.
  • Mamo, G.
  • Asfaw, M.
  • Edao, A.
  • Hiko, A.
  • Fufa, D.
  • Jafer, M.
  • Sombo, M.
  • Amenu, Kebede

Exploring the adoption of food safety measures in smallholder dairy systems in Ethiopia: implications for food safety and public health

  • Nyokabi, N.S.
  • Korir, L.
  • Lindahl, Johanna F.
  • Phelan, L.
  • Gemechu, G.
  • Berg, S.
  • Mihret, A.
  • Wood, J.L.N.
  • Moore, H.L.
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Farmer-led Approach for Scaling Climate Change Adaptation in Kenya’s Smallholder Dairy Systems

  • Kiptoo, Emmaculate
  • Gichuki, Leah
  • Habermann, Birgit
ILRI publication cover

Dairy input agri-entrepreneurs’ practices and their effect on inputs market participation by smallholder farmers in Tanzania

  • Kundu, R.N.
  • Bett, H.K.
  • Rao, E.J.O.
ILRI publication cover

Market incentives for ecosystem services provided by the dairy sector in Africa

  • Rao, E.J.O.

Antibiotic use on Kenya’s dairy farms is putting consumers and animals at risk

  • Muloi, Dishon M.
  • Moodley, Arshnee

Incentive-based capacity building to professionalize the informal sector: the MoreMilk project

  • Alonso, Silvia
  • Kibet, G.

A positive deviance approach to scaling locally developed climate adaptation strategies in dairy systems

  • Habermann, Birgit
  • Crane, Todd A.
  • Gichuki, Leah
  • Kiptoo, Emmaculate
  • Bullock, Renee
  • DuttaGupta, Tanaya

Prevalence and antimicrobial resistance of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Salmonella, and the prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus in dairy cattle and camels under pastoral production system

  • Hunduma, D.
  • Amenu, Kebede
  • Desta, Hiwot
  • Grace, Delia
  • Agga, G.E.
  • Dego, O.K.