Science of Scaling Retreat Report


Kihoro, E., Schut, M., McGuire, E., Leeuwis, C., MacMillan, S., Buono, N., Woltering, L., Dahl, H., Gebreyes, M., Jasada, I., Mugambi, S., Gregerson, K., Ngissah, E., Melaku, D., Kalele, D., Ewell, H., Ronchi, L. and Dror, I. 2024. Science of Scaling Retreat Report. Wageningen University and CGIAR Regional Integrated Initiative on Diversification for Resilient Agribusiness in East and Southern Africa, 18–19 March 2024. Wageningen, Netherlands: Wageningen University and Research.


  • Kihoro, Esther
  • Schut, Marc
  • McGuire, Erin
  • Leeuwis, Cees
  • MacMillan, Susan
  • Buono, Nicoletta
  • Woltering, Lennart
  • Dahl, Hauke
  • Gebreyes, Million
  • Jasada, Ijudai
  • Mugambi, Samuel
  • Gregerson, Katheryn
  • Ngissah, E.
  • Melaku, Dagmawi
  • Kalele, D.
  • Ewell, Hanna
  • Ronchi, Loraine
  • Dror, Iddo