Improving the Livelihoods of Poor Livestock-keepers in Africa through Community-Based Management of Indigenous Farm Animal Genetic Resources

The goal of the project is to improve the livelihoods of poor livestock-keepers through the conservation and sustainable use of indigenous farm animal genetic resources (AnGR). This is to be achieved through the empowerment of local communities leading to an improvement of their analytical, technical, managerial and organisational skills to sustainably manage AnGR.

The main outcomes of the project will be:

1) A framework for community-based management (CBM) of AnGR developed, its operational components tested and at least one program established and functional in each project country (Benin, Ethiopia and Kenya) by the end of the project period;

2) Producer/consumer preferences, market opportunities and policy options used to improve understanding of constraints to/opportunities for livestock-keepers to derive increased benefits from indigenous livestock

3) National capacities for the conservation and sustainable use of indigenous AnGR strengthened

4) Models, guidelines and manuals for collaborative design, implementation and evaluation of CBM frameworks elaborated.