Chris Jones

Chris Jones

Chris Jones (UK) is program leader for feed and forage development, a multidisciplinary research program involving a team of plant molecular biologists, physiologists and geneticists, and animal nutrition scientists. His work is directed towards accelerating the genetic improvement of feed and forage species in support of livestock production in developing countries. He has a PhD from the University of Dundee and has researched all aspects of plant biotechnology from academic to highly commercially driven projects. He Joined ILRI in July 2015 from the New Zealand Crown Research Institute, AgResearch.


Recent publications:

Yan Q, Wu F, Xu P, Li J, Chen D, Sun Z, Gao L, Lu L, Muktar M, Jones C, Yi X and Zhang J. (2020). The elephant grass (Cenchrus purpureus) genome provides insights into anthocyanidin accumulation and fast growth. Molecular Ecology Resources,

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He L, Matthew C, Jones CS and Hatier J-HB. (2017). Productivity in simulated drought and post-drought recovery of eight ryegrass cultivars and a tall fescue cultivar with and without Epichloë endophyte. Crop & Pasture Science, 68: 176–187.

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