Strategies for effective linkage of science, policy and practice for climate change adaptation

The challenge of designing effective policies for rural and agricultural development ins sub-Saharan Africa is rendered even more complex by the urgent need to promote climate change adaptation. Specific climate change policies and Programs of Action are being developed, and climate change is starting to be addressed in sectoral policies. To make a significant contribution to adaptation, however, there is a need for approaches to policymaking that bridge sectors and the silos of government line ministries and look beyond incremental improvements to consider transformative change. A variety of approaches to the making of policy are being tried including various types of multi-stakeholder forums and platforms.

The aim of the project is to deepen understanding of policy and governance processes around climate change in order to contribute to more effective engagement between national governments and donors and consequently towards climate-smart food systems. What factors have influenced the development of existing policies? And how do policies interact with each other as they are being implemented? Pastoralist and agropastoralist livelihoods and adaptation choices are influenced by an array of policies and also by the interplay among policies.