Synergies of animal welfare and agroforestry to benefit farming systems in Ethiopia


This project demonstrates the benefits of agroforestry–livestock systems in Ethiopia for animal welfare, livelihoods and the environment. The evidence gathered from the project will be used to scale out these results through future research projects that will have further direct impacts on the communities it will work with.

Agroforestry, the integration of trees into agriculture, is a promising agricultural method for facing the challenges of climate change. Trees and shrubs hold enormous potential for improving livestock management by providing diverse fodder, protection from wind and heat, more resilient grazing land and thus better animal health. 

The objective of this project is to evaluate and demonstrate the benefits of agroforestry–livestock systems in Ethiopia from the perspective of animal welfare, livelihoods and the environment to promote sustainable agroforestry–livestock systems. 

Expected outcomes

  1. Increased evidence-based advocacy for agroforestry–livestock systems
  2. Improved performance of targeted agroforestry–livestock systems, including improved animal welfare indicators
  3. Animal welfare training in agroforestry systems embedded in the extension system in Ethiopia