Feeding sheep, Doyogena, Ethiopia

Scaling agroforestry to benefit the welfare of animals and their owners in Ethiopia

Development goal: Improved livelihood resilience of people in several diverse geographical agroecological zones in Ethiopia through strengthened agroforestry and animal welfare practices that sustainably improve animal and farmer welfare and farm productivity.


To sustainably improve and diversify livelihoods through enhanced adoption of silvopastoral and animal welfare strategies that create additional income and improve animal welfare and productivity.

Project sites

  • Dugda and Borana, Oromia
  • Humbo, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region


  • Rangeland rehabilitation through soil and water conservation and bush thinning/encroachment management.
  • Improved animal productivity and welfare on restored rangelands and forested lands through silvopastoral practices.
  • Community members generate additional income through new or transformed non-timber forest product (and other) value chains.
  • Extension system structure and policy framework or roadmap promoting silvopastoral priorities in place.

Earlier project: Synergies of animal welfare and agroforestry to benefit farming systems in Ethiopia


Rebecca Doyle

Rebecca Doyle

Animal Welfare Scientist