International Land Coalition Rangelands Initiative

International Land Coalition Rangelands Initiative: Making rangelands secure

Camels drinking at a water pan in Wajir County, Kenya


Emerging public health threats in Africa’s drylands

The Jameel Observatory for Food Security Early Action


The Jameel Observatory for Food Security Early Action



One Health for Humans, Environment, Animals and Livelihoods (HEAL)

Enhancing the value of ecosystem services in pastoral systems

Enabling livestock based economies in Kenya to adapt to climate change: A Review of payment for ecosystem services from wildlife tourism as a climate change adaptation option

Mutual learning of livestock keepers and scientists for adaptation to climate change in pastoral areas

Supporting the vulnerable: Increasing the adaptive capacity of agro-pastoralists to climatic change in West and Southern Africa using a transdisciplinary research approach.

Multi-Stakeholder Approach to Linking Technical Options, Policy and Market Access for Improved Land Productivity in the Northern Guinea Savanna Zone

Improving livelihoods of Rural Population: Intensification, Access to markets, and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in the Sahelian AEZ of KKM-PLS

Sustainable Agricultural Intensification and Integrated Natural Resource Management to Improve Rural Livelihoods in Sudan Savanna of West Africa


Improved livelihoods in the Sahel through developing and implementing bio-economic decision support systems at the household level