EQUIP–Strengthening Smallholder Livestock Systems for the Future Project

Climate-Land Interaction Project (CLIP) in East Africa

Identification and implementation support of mitigation priorities and opportunities in rice-dominated landscapes

Enabling livestock based economies in Kenya to adapt to climate change: A Review of payment for ecosystem services from wildlife tourism as a climate change adaptation option

Livestock intensification: investigating impacts on livelihoods in dairy value chains in India and Ethiopia

Natural resource management and biodiversity conservation in the dry lands of Eastern and Central Africa

Supporting the vulnerable: Increasing the adaptive capacity of agro-pastoralists to climatic change in West and Southern Africa using a transdisciplinary research approach.

Improving productivity reducing poverty and enhancing equity in mixed crop--livestock systems in the Indo-Gangetic Basin

Multi-Stakeholder Approach to Linking Technical Options, Policy and Market Access for Improved Land Productivity in the Northern Guinea Savanna Zone

Improving livelihoods of Rural Population: Intensification, Access to markets, and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in the Sahelian AEZ of KKM-PLS

Sustainable Agricultural Intensification and Integrated Natural Resource Management to Improve Rural Livelihoods in Sudan Savanna of West Africa

Livelihood Improvement & Empowerment of Rural Poor through Sustainable Farming Systems in North East India