Anna Lacasta-Marin

Anna Lacasta-Marin

Senior scientist, Animal and human health

Dr. Anna Lacasta received her PhD in Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology in 2013 from the Universitat de Barcelona (UB). Her PhD work was based on the identification of new antigens against ASFV and the identification of the immune mechanisms involved in natural protection. During her training work, Anna gained extensive expertise in the design of in vivo experiments (BSL3+ conditions at IRTA-CReSA) involving large animals and in the immunological and molecular biology assays as well. Using her expertise in the field of vaccinology Anna held a post-doctoral position at ILRI from 2013 working in a subunit vaccine against the sporozoite phase of T.parva parasite, the causative agent of ECF. From this work 13 peer-reviewed papers were generated. Currently Anna in involved in a BMGF-funded and IDRC-funded ECF projects and an IDRC-funded and IVVN ASFV project to generate attenuated recombinant ASFV viruses and subunit vaccines.

My Publications

Design and immunological evaluation of two-component protein nanoparticle vaccines for East Coast fever

  • Lacasta, Anna
  • Kim, H.C.
  • Kepl, E.
  • Gachogo, Rachael
  • Chege, Naomi
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  • Nene, Vishvanath

Improved vaccines for the control of East Coast Fever: IPSR Innovation Profile

  • Lacasta, Anna
  • Nene, Vishvanath
  • Lovel, Jonathan
  • King, Neil
  • Mwangi, Thumbi

Laboratory reagent generation for the advancement of African swine fever research

  • Lacasta, Anna

The African swine fever isolate ASFV-Kenya-IX-1033 is highly virulent and stable after propagation in the wild boar cell line WSL

  • Hemmink, Johanneke D.
  • Abkallo, Hussein M.
  • Henson, Sonal P.
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  • Lacasta, Anna
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  • Steinaa, Lucilla

Silica vesicles increase stability of Salmonella-specific phages isolated from chicken in environments mimicking the gastrointestinal tract

  • Mhone, Amos L.
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  • Odaba, Josiah
  • Guantai, Linda
  • Ngugi, C.W.
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  • Lacasta, Anna
  • Moineau, S.
  • Svitek, Nicholas

Developing vaccines for African swine fever

  • Pye-Smith, Charlie
  • Steinaa, Lucilla
  • Lacasta, Anna