Tezira Lore

Tezira Lore

Communication Specialist

Tezira Lore is a food scientist with over 15 years of experience in agricultural information and communication management. She works with multidisciplinary teams of scientists to develop and implement communication and knowledge management strategies towards increased visibility, uptake and use of research outputs. 

Her professional interests include media coverage of science and the use of social media for research communication. She holds BSc and MSc degrees in Food Science and Technology and an MSc in Agricultural Information and Communication Management from the University of Nairobi, and a Certificate in Science Communication from Stellenbosch University.

My Projects

Smallholder dairy project

Smallholder dairy project

Rationalization and harmonization of policies, regulations and standards in the dairy industry in Eastern Africa

Rationalization and harmonization of policies, regulations and standards in the dairy industry in Eastern Africa

My Blog Posts

Pipetting in ILRI labs


Boosting Africa's capacity in genomics and bioinformatics

Fruit and vegetable shop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Frontiers special edition spotlights CGIAR research on food safety in low- and middle-income countries

Improved pigs on a farm in Hoima district, Uganda


ILRI joins new EU-funded research consortium to develop African swine fever vaccine

Market place in Kenya


Experts call for a paradigm shift in food safety for Africa

AMR research sampling on a smallholder poultry farm


World Antimicrobial Resistance Awareness Week 2023: Preventing antimicrobial resistance together through collaborative research

A civet is kept on farm in Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam for consumption

ILRI scientists and research collaborators use a One Health approach to study zoonotic disease risks in wildlife farming in Vietnam

Local food shop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


ILRI marks World Food Safety Day 2023 with the launch of a report on improving food safety in informal markets

Smallholder poultry farming in Kenya

New science

New study evaluates antimicrobial use by smallholder poultry farmers in Kajiado and Machakos counties in Kenya

Pig in concrete stable in Mukono District, Uganda

New science

Study reveals need for more research on burden of pork-borne hazards in eastern and southern Africa

Maasai man vaccinating a cow against East Coast fever in northern Tanzania


Regional task force explores ways to improve the uptake of East Coast fever vaccines in eastern and southern Africa

Person pouring boiled milk from a saucepan into a milk container

New science

Study examines the impact of COVID-19 on informal milk markets and household food security in Nairobi

Bangladesh fish market

New science

Experts call for One Health approach to study bacterial hazards and antimicrobial risks in marketed food in Bangladesh

Poultry farming in Senegal

New study explores the drivers of antibiotic use in poultry farms in Senegal

Smartphone app improves community livestock disease surveillance in northern Kenya


Smartphone app improves community livestock disease surveillance in northern Kenya

Milk bar at Nairobi

Hot topic

Study on milk purchase and consumption in low-income households in Kenya highlights the importance of the informal dairy sector

Scientist at work


New study of global One Health Networks highlights inequity in resource allocation


New study investigates drivers and practices of antibiotic use in poultry farming in Kiambu County, Kenya

EatSafe project to host webinar on food safety innovations for traditional markets

Celebrating World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2022 with highlights of ILRI research on antimicrobial resistance

New research provides estimates of foodborne disease burden in Burkina Faso and Ethiopia


New project seeks to improve farm-level antimicrobial use in Senegal through a One Health approach


Capacity building is vital for effective One Health programs

New study explores governance of milk quality and safety in the informal sector in Assam, India


Celebrating World Animal Day 2022 with a focus on ILRI’s research on animal welfare

Experts call for cross-sectoral collaboration to tackle disease risks in changing food systems

New science

New genomic tool holds promise for rapid surveillance of Rift Valley fever virus

New study explores gendered barriers and opportunities in Kenya’s informal dairy sector

One Health experts to host webinar on animal health and pandemic prevention


New study reviews strategies to reduce acaricide resistance in ticks in smallholder livestock systems in Africa

ILRI marks World Food Safety Day 2022 with a focus on food safety research for better health

New study provides the first detailed report on the occurrence of the tick-borne parasite Babesia bovis in cattle in Kenya

ILRI and partners develop benchmarks for undergraduate food safety curriculum for East Africa

ILRI scientist Delia Grace wins 2022 Arrell Global Food Innovation Award for research innovation

Risk-based and One Health approaches for improved food safety in Africa

New research offers insights on bridging the gap between policy and reality in Kenya’s informal milk sector

Experts call for investment in zoonotic disease surveillance in remote rural areas to improve global health security


Experts discuss the impact of climate change on tick-borne pathogens in western, central and eastern Africa

Using participatory impact pathway methodology to evaluate public–private partnerships in the poultry sector in Ethiopia

Experts call for equitable food system transformation to tackle global health challenges of the 21st century

New mapping study of Rwanda pig value chain analyses governance and sanitary risks

New scoping review sheds light on antimicrobial resistance in global food crop value chains

CGIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health publishes 2020 annual report

Tokyo Nutrition for Growth Summit 2021 side event discusses the role of informal markets within future food systems

Open Access Week 2021: Preprints as a tool for open knowledge and open science at ILRI

Lancet Countdown 2021 report calls for urgent global action to tackle the health impacts of climate change

ILRI researchers contribute to Scientific and Technical Review special issue on veterinary services

CGIAR scientists and research collaborators from Côte d’Ivoire discuss new One Health initiative

Experts discuss strategies to improve food safety in traditional markets in Asia Pacific

Experts call for G20 health ministers to invest in animal health for stronger global health systems

ILRI scientists and research partners contribute to growing body of knowledge on COVID-19

CGIAR scientists and research collaborators from Ethiopia discuss new One Health initiative

CGIAR scientists and research collaborators from Kenya discuss new One Health initiative

CGIAR scientists and research collaborators from Uganda discuss new One Health initiative

Review of zoonoses research in the Horn of Africa highlights need for One Health approach and stronger regional collaboration

ILRI research generates evidence for better prevention and control of zoonotic diseases

New study explores wet markets and the risk of emerging zoonotic diseases

Marking World Food Safety Day 2021 with a focus on ILRI’s food safety research

New report examines the impacts of COVID-19 control measures on food safety in East Africa

Putting One Health into practice: A call to action for animal health


ILRI and partners call for greater investment in global animal health in the fight against pandemics

New review provides framework for studying food systems to address food safety and nutrition

Experts call for increased investment in One Health to reduce the burden of neglected zoonoses

Nairobi is rapidly losing its green spaces: this could open the door to more diseases

Mapping the risk of livestock anthrax in Kenya helps identify disease hotspots to improve prevention and control

Experts call for policies and better data to mitigate antimicrobial resistance and zoonoses in intensive livestock production

New study investigates the governance structure of the Nairobi pork value chain and its impact on food safety

New collaborative Global Burden of Animal Diseases program launched

Experts call for global One Health platform to consolidate evidence on actions to tackle antimicrobial resistance

Lancet Countdown 2020 report calls for governments to align global COVID-19 recovery with response to climate change

Flattening the curve on foodborne illness and its costs in Africa

One Health in action: Research by ILRI and partners improves the health of people, animals and the environment

Community-based training on milk hygiene improves knowledge, attitudes and practices of women pastoralists in Borana, Ethiopia

Celebrating Open Access Week 2020 with a focus on ILRI’s open access research on animal and human health

Experts review policy innovation to improve milk safety in informal markets

Nomadic pastoralist communities: An invisible frontier in health surveillance

Experts call on African countries to prioritize food safety in urban food markets

New study examines effectiveness of grassroots dog vaccination campaigns against rabies in Kenya

Making livestock vaccination campaigns work for farmers in East Africa

New study sheds light on early intensification of smallholder backyard poultry farming systems

Two ILRI-affiliated postdoctoral scientists receive Soulsby Fellowships for One Health research

ILRI teams up with research partners to launch CGIAR COVID-19 Hub

Food safety: How can consumers make a difference?

Celebrating World Food Safety Day 2020: Food safety, everyone’s business

CGIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health publishes 2019 annual report

Researchers investigate the governance structure of the Nairobi dairy value chain and its influence on food safety

Expert review examines impact of mycotoxins on dairy cattle health in sub-Saharan Africa

Lessons on tackling the growing risk of emerging infectious diseases in Africa

New study explores the benefits of a One Health approach to investigating antimicrobial resistance in Vietnam

Call for abstracts: ecohealth 2020

New study develops forecasting tools for better detection and control of dengue in Vietnam

Celebrating World Antibiotic Resistance Week 2019 with highlights of ILRI research on antimicrobial resistance

New study identifies factors affecting spread of brucellosis in humans and livestock in northeastern Kenya

Celebrating One Health Day 2019 with a focus on ILRI’s One Health research

IMMANA announces call for applications for research grants on food systems and nutrition outcomes

Celebrating Open Access Week 2019 with a focus on ILRI’s open access research on animal and human health

New study explores the role of livestock products for nutrition in the first 1000 days of life

ILRI researchers propose traceability system for Kenya’s smallholder pig value chain

Researchers call for a gendered approach in strategies for community uptake of livestock vaccines

New review article tackles the question: Can aflatoxin binders in foods be promoted safely and ethically?

Celebrating World Zoonoses Day with a focus on ILRI’s research on zoonotic diseases

New study finds that urban wildlife may be a significant vector for antimicrobial resistant bacteria

CGIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health publishes 2018 annual report

Celebrating the inaugural #WorldFoodSafetyDay: A focus on food safety research at ILRI

New case study presents nine-year follow-up of pilot project to improve food safety in Bodija market, Nigeria

Food safety and the Sustainable Development Goals

CGIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health publishes 2017 annual report

Meat, milk, eggs can make a big difference in the first 1,000 days of life in low-income countries—New report

ILRI-led dairy projects in Kenya present research results to stakeholders

Animal health scientists promote One Health approach in tackling infectious diseases in Africa

‘Living tools’ at the frontier of vaccine development—A Keystone Symposium workshop by Vish Nene

While some animal-transmitted diseases of the poor are declining, other, mostly foodborne, diseases are on the rise

#OneHealthDay: New research on Uganda’s urban pig value chain focuses on One Health from social science perspective

Behaviour change and biosciences necessary to tackle infectious zoonotic diseases – Uppsala Health Summit

Could animals help solve the world’s ‘calorie’ as well as ‘hidden’ hunger?—ILRI’s Delia Grace on World Food Day

CGIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health releases 2016 annual report

Animal health needs partnerships for vaccine delivery: Lessons from global rinderpest eradication campaign

USAID to host two-day online discussion on food safety research in developing countries

Experts from Canada and India discuss latest developments in India’s pig sub-sector

Africa must take the lead in addressing global health challenges

Join our webinar! Designing projects for improving nutrition through animal source foods—Tomorrow, 4 May

New FAO report discusses options for influencing food environments for healthy diets

Vietnam launches report on better managing risks to food safety

Training on field postmortem examination and sample collection to control small ruminant respiratory and reproductive diseases in Ethiopia

A deep dive inside Vietnam’s pork foodshed to determine food safety issues and their practical resolutions

New Nutrition Knowledge Bank gives direct access to expert nutritional advice via mobile phones

Agrilinks and Microlinks to host webinar on safety of animal-source foods for improved nutrition

Can the livestock sector find the elusive ‘win-win’ on drug resistance?

ILRI scientist receives international award for ecohealth research

One Health, many tools for forecasting climate-sensitive diseases in Vietnam

What stops greater consumption of meat, milk and eggs in low-income areas of Nairobi? Price, mostly

An ‘urban zoo’ project in Kenya is helping unpack the spread of disease in urban environments

ILRI scientist receives honorary professorship at Hanoi University of Public Health

Global research experts launch Lancet Countdown to track health impacts of climate change

Unpacking the tensions between the nutritional and economic goals of pro-poor livestock development

The omnivore’s dilemma: ‘High-steaks’ livestock decisions at next week’s Committee on World Food Security (#CFS43)

Safe Food, Fair Food project research presented at tropical veterinary medicine conference

Improving food safety and human health through agricultural research: CGIAR future plans

World Water Week seminar highlights the role of livestock in sustainable agriculture

South–South exchanges on One Health/EcoHealth: Capacity-building practices in India and Vietnam

On better water use and reuse: ‘One Water, One Health’ panel at Singapore International Water Week

ILRI sponsors special journal issue on aflatoxins in eastern Africa

Study identifies options to improve milk quality in smallholder dairy value chains in Western Zambia

Apocalyptic numbers: Antibiotic resistance as the classic ‘One Health’ (and classic ‘One World’) planetary issue

Connecting the dots: Actionable recommendations towards safer pork and leafy vegetables in Vietnam

Aligned to improve nutrition and health: Announcing A4NH 2015 annual report

High-Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition launches sustainable livestock development report

Pandemic proofing the world: View point on tackling emerging zoonotic diseases

ILRI shares ongoing research on ensuring food safety in Vietnam at Hanoi conference

Zoonotic diseases featured during UNEP Science-Policy Forum

On more rigorous informed consent in One Health cross-cultural livestock research

Reflections on food safety and risk perception

New ILRI research brief highlights outcomes of pork safety project in Vietnam

ILRI pork safety project holds mid-term review in Vietnam

ILRI scientist calls for better irrigation techniques to reduce risk of vector-borne diseases

MERS-CoV antibodies found in two people in eastern Kenya

Researchers develop Rift Valley fever risk map for Kenya to aid prevention and control of the disease

New research paper reviews the emerging threat of microsporidia, a group of foodborne parasites

Symposium to discuss results on estimates of global burden of foodborne diseases

The Lancet marks World Antibiotic Awareness Week with series on access and effectiveness of antimicrobials

Study calls for One Health approach in continued research on potential role of pigs in Ebola transmission in Uganda

Lessons in informality from Kenya’s dairy sector

El Niño predictions signal urgent need to prepare for Rift Valley fever epidemics in eastern Africa

Is the empowerment of women livestock keepers the key to improved nutrition? A new study seeks to find out

ILRI presentations win prizes at international conference on pork safety

New book chapter explores how trade liberalization affects nutrition and health

Ways forward for food safety in countries bearing the brunt of the world’s food-borne diseases

New study recommends continued research on the possible role pigs could play in transmitting Ebola in Uganda

ILRI supports Thailand symposium on food safety, zoonoses and EcoHealth

Towards professionalizing—not criminalizing—informal sellers of milk and meat in poor countries

Reducing human exposure to aflatoxins in poor countries: Towards new technologies and practices

Designing practical ways to help the urban poor make choices that improve their nutrition

ILRI’s training program leads to increased milk yield for dairy farmers in Guwahati, India

New ILRI study finds high levels of aflatoxin in milk and dairy feeds in Greater Addis Ababa milk shed

Tackling climate change could be the greatest global health opportunity of the 21st century–The Lancet

New journal article presents case studies on CGIAR research on aflatoxins

New ILRI report reviews the knowns and unknowns of antimicrobial resistance in animal agriculture in developing countries

A4NH 2014 annual report highlights ILRI book on food safety research

Livestock scientists say climate change can increase risk of animal pests and diseases

Global conference on One Health features ILRI research on antimicrobial use in developing countries

Europe Day 2015 celebrations feature aflatoxin research by Finland-funded FoodAfrica program

Study explores effect of land use and biodiversity changes on risk of zoonoses in Tana River County, Kenya

ILRI contributes chapters in new book on One Health approach to sanitation and institutional research

Safe Food, Fair Food project trains Tanzanian students and lab technicians on milk quality testing

Workshop on discoverability of African scholarship features ILRI communication approaches

Safe Food, Fair Food work on Uganda pig value chains receives best poster award at conference in Côte d’Ivoire

ILRI project poster wins top prize at international ecohealth conference

Kenyan bioinformatics student awarded fellowship for Borlaug Leadership Enhancement in Agriculture Program

Safe Food, Fair Food study in Ethiopia calls for better quality control along the milk value chain

Safe Food, Fair Food project presents preliminary findings on survey in Kampala pig abattoir

In the news: Most pork in Kampala is unsafe, say health experts

Safe Food, Fair Food project develops strategy for engagement with regional economic communities

Second phase of the Safe Food, Fair Food project gets underway

My Publications

Stirring up the informal dairy sector in Kenya: solutions that change, sustain and scale

  • Lore, Tezira A.

CGIAR Initiative on One Health annual planning meeting, 24–25 April 2023

  • Lore, Tezira A.

CGIAR Initiative on One Health: Ethiopia stakeholder workshop, 26 April 2023

  • Lore, Tezira A.

CGIAR Initiative on One Health communication plan: January to December 2022

  • Lore, Tezira A.

Pork and poultry safety in traditional markets in Cambodia: Understanding complexities and scaling up good interventions

  • Hung Nguyen-Viet
  • Grace, Delia
  • Unger, Fred
  • Lindahl, Johanna F.
  • Tum, S.
  • Sinh Dang-Xuan
  • Chea, Rortana
  • Chhay, T.
  • Srey, T.
  • Young, M.
  • Duong, C.
  • Brown, M.
  • Heng, T.
  • Alonso, Silvia
  • Roesel, Kristina
  • Lam, S.
  • Lore, Tezira A.
  • Chi Nguyen

Animal and Human Health program communications

  • Lore, Tezira A.